Why metal plug will differ from market prices

During the marketing companies operate, has gone through value creation and gain access to two stages of value creation objective is to obtain revenue, while revenue from the need to reflect on the price of the product. Hardware plug as a necessity of life, it has been the difference in price on the market, and product pricing for different reasons depending on many factors, the next Xiaobian for you a simple analysis of the specific reasons.
The reason why the market price of hardware plug will vary because of the following:
First, the material cost is different. Hardware plug is composed of metal and other materials, and original materials vary, in general, pricing of products not only to take into account the cost of the product, while also taking into account the profits and taxes paid to obtain information, the combination of these factors to develop out. The cost impact of product price as an important factor in a different, only the cost of the enterprise is not less than the average cost, so the price can be worked out.
Second, in addition to the market price of metal plugs cost by outside influence, it will also be affected by market demand, under high demand, if the supply of metal plugs much, then the price will be higher than the natural product Many, on the contrary, the market price of the product will be reduced.
In short, the market price is under common metal plugs and external factors affecting the business as well as subjective and objective factors, companies will be taken into account when pricing competitive factors, it is the result of a number of factors working together.

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